UKMLA or MLA (UK Medical Licensing Assessment)

All UK medical students graduating from the academic year 2024–25 onwards will be required to pass the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) as part of their degree before they can join the medical register.

Doctors who have qualified abroad who want to practise in the UK and who currently take PLAB will need to take the MLA from 2024.

Format of the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA)

The MLA is a two-part test comprising of:
  1. Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) - written assessment of applied clinical knowledge.
  2. Clinical and Professional skills assessment (CPSA) - performance-based assessment of clinical and professional skills, knowledge and behaviours.

What will be assessed in the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA)?

The syllabus for the MLA is wide-ranging and can be found in the “MLA content map” [Insert Link -]

This is underpinned by three themes:
  1. Readiness for safe practice
  2. Managing uncertainty
  3. Delivering person-centred care

And six sections, called domains:
  1. Areas of clinical practice e.g. mental health & surgery.
  2. Areas of professional knowledge e.g. biomedical sciences and medical ethics & law.
  3. Clinical and professional capabilities e.g. assessing and managing risk and safeguarding vulnerable patients.
  4. Practical skills and procedures
  5. Patient presentations e.g. chronic rash or breast lump.
  6. Conditions e.g. asthma and eating disorders.

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