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"Thank you very much for high quality resources for stage 3. I got my first choice GP training. A variety of scenarios with ideal response allowed me to understand how examiners mark candidates. There is not much to be done to improve your service.I wish you had AKT online revision as well! I would not have gone through stage 3 without your help." 
Dr Beata Danielek  (GP ST Entry 2017)

“Having read through the excellent feedback and being recommended by colleagues, I was looking for the right time and package for my relevant exam. Not only did the MCQ bank support (Emma) respond promptly to my queries, but they went a step further and approached the content editors to explain what is the best exam subscription and time to actually take it. Most companies would have just 'recommended' to start the subscription as soon as possible. Top marks for honest and professional customer service.”

Dr Ali Shah  (Potential GP trainee)

“I used your resource for the Stage 2 GP exam and luckily did well enough to not have to go to the selection centre.”
Dr Simon Smith  (GP ST Entry 2017)

“I just sat the SRA exam after using your resources. I got 590 which I hear is a pretty good score, so thank you.”
Dr Adam Brown (GP ST Entry 2017)

“I was lucky enough to get in the top 10% and only used mcqbank so thank you!”
Dr Aliza Amlani (GP ST Entry 2017)

“I predominantly used mcq bank for stage 2 and found the questions very similar to the exam! Just wanted to let you know I got my first choice for gp training! thank you so much!”
Dr Asia Ahmed (GP ST Entry 2017)

“I fortunately got top 10%, thanks to MCQ bank.”
Dr Iqra Bilal GP ST Entry 2017)

“Thank you! They were spot on! Really helpful. I got my first choice for the GP application and I used both stage two and stage three banks from you.”
Dr Iram Afshan (GP ST Entry 2017)

I had used your question bank for plab 1 exam and I have scored 83%. Thank you very much. As a regard for your good service I shall ask all my friends to subscribe to your service.”
Dr Rahul Jha (PLAB Entry 2016)

“Hello, I was fortunate enough to be one of the 10% who do not need to proceed to stage 3. I would like to thank you, as I believe that I did as well as I did, due to your fantastic question bank.”

Dr Charlotte Lance (GP ST Entry 2016)

“Hi MCQ bank, I used your online revision package for stage 2 GP SRA and fortunately I am through and don't have to do stage 3. Thank you for your resource, I think it is the best out there.”

Dr Beth Crowe (GP ST Entry 2016)

“Dear MCQ bank, I found the MCQ bank to be the most useful resource overall.”

Dr Rob Knowles (GP ST Entry 2016)

“I have my results and luckily managed to get in the top 10%, thanks very much to your resource, very similar to the exam and a great learning tool.”

Dr Ruth Hillier (GP ST Entry 2016)

“Just emailing to say that I've just had a Direct Pathway to Offer (GP) as I did well enough in Stage 2 so don't need to do the Stage 3 exam … thanks for helping me to do so well in the the stage 2 mcqs anyway!”

Dr Abi Taylor (GP ST Entry 2016)

“Dear MCQ bank, I have been lucky enough to skip the interview selection stage and only used MCQ bank as preparation. Thank you!”

Dr A S (GP ST Entry 2016)

“Hi, the resource really helped me - and helped me get into the top 10% :) Thanks!”

Dr Safa Mujahid (GP ST Entry 2016)

“Hi team! Thank you SO MUCH for the site, it really helped my revision and got me into the top 10%!”

Dr Sandra Vracar (GP ST Entry 2016)

“Hello, I found MCQbank very helpful with my exam preparation! Many thanks”
Dr Bhakti Visani (GP ST Entry 2016)

“The questions were spot on! I found the explanations and mnemonics (eg 6P's) to the scenarios extremely useful. The written exercise advice was invaluable. Thank you for providing such an excellent resource.”

Dr Katerina Pattichis (GP ST Entry East of England Deanery 2015)

“I signed up to the MCQ bank following advice and recommendation from my peers who sat the exam last year. I was very happy with the questions, scenarios and marking schemes that were given as I feel they all contributed significantly to helping me with the exams. I felt better for having used MCQ Bank. Whether or not the goal of passing the final hurdle has been attained or not, well I will have to let you know a little later. Therefore I thought it was great and would certainly recommend to my colleagues in the future who apply for GP ST positions. I guess the interface of the website was easy to use and simple. Perhaps much simpler than other services such as Passtest and OnExamination but I think the simplicity worked in its favour. ”

Dr Gurpreet Nagra (GP ST Entry West Midlands Deanery 2015)

“What I liked about your site for stage 2 was that it allowed me to structure my studies in areas I was weak on. For stage 3 I liked the feedback after each scenario as it allowed me to be more structured in my consultation.”

Dr Ella Elakeche (GP ST Entry East of England Deanery 2015)

“I found your website very useful in preparing for both the written and consultations.”
Dr Georgina Spencer (GP ST London Deanery 2015)

“What i liked about the website: I thought the questions in stage 2 were pitched at the right level for the real thing. It had all the specialities that one would need to revise for it with a good number of questions. Stage 3 scenarios were plentiful and i couldn't get through all of them so 48 is plenty.”

Dr Dr Lai Zhuo (GP ST Entry East of England Deanery 2015)

“Thanks very much for your ongoing help with both stage 2 and 3. My favourite part of the site was the stage 2 practice questions - you are one of the only sites to offer feedback on answers after each question, which is a huge help!"

Dr Yasmin Ball (GP ST Entry Oxford Deanery 2015)

“Thank you for your work in creating such an excellent MCQ bank, and keeping it up-to-date so effectively. I found MCQbank so useful for my Stage 2 and 3 exams.”

Dr Yasmin Hashimi (GP ST Entry South West Deanery 2015)

“I prepared for my PLAB 1 using MCQbank. I am happy to write that there was close correlation between my MCQ bank average score 74% and actual PLAB 1 score (151/200). Thank you very much for the team.”

Dr H A Abhishekh (PLAB 2014)

“I just wanted to write a quick thank you for your superb site. I feel that this was instrumental in me gaining a post in my first choice hospital and ranking 7th in the deanery. This was not only the case with your stage 2 revision, where the questions were of a similar level and content as the actual exam, but also with stage 3. As I’m currently on a year out in New Zealand I did not have the luxury of having people to practice with but I found the scenarios and feedback extremely helpful to practice from on my own. Thanks again.”

Dr Stuart Gallimore (GP ST Entry Severn Deanery 2014)

“First of all thank you for your website; it was a cheap revision tool which was exactly what was needed to prepare for Stage 2 and 3. I am glad I didn’t pay a ridiculous amount to go to courses.”
Dr Christine Gnanakumar (GP ST Entry KSS Deanery 2014)

“I would like to thank you for precisely teaching what to write in Stage 3 and what to ask. I have learned a lot and all those colleagues who joined other online learning websites unfortunately have failed. The written exercise test was very very similar to one of your examples. Thank you”
Dr Farhang Hessami (GP ST Entry 2014)

“I thought that the stage 2 practice MCQs were very good. I particularly liked the feedback after each scenario - very thorough. Compared to other practice questions sites, the layout and feedback was better …. Stage 3 MCQ bank was excellent - it provided lots and lots of scenarios, some including real past exam questions, with excellent feedback and reference to the personal specification / tips. I also enjoyed reading other people past answers to these questions and reading the feedback at the bottom, including what they did well and what they missed out / could improve on.”
Dr Kirsty Dodwell (GP ST Entry West Midlands Deanery 2014)

“Your site came highly recommended by people who had passed the exams in the past that is why I considered using it.”
Dr Olaitan Onibuje (GP ST Entry 2014)

“Your customer support is excellent. 5 stars for that.”

Dr S P Singh (GP ST Entry 2014)

“...A very sincere thanks from me to all of you. I passed my PLAB 1 in 1st attempt with 157/200 score. I hand heavily relied on the question bank. almost 90% were from the set of questions provided by you, may be altered. The score i achieved was consistent with my performance in the practice test i used to do. I am taking PLAB 1 after 23 years of passing MBBS and truly speaking going thru the whole of MBBS stuff was impossible for me. I just bumped into your website when i was looking for practise test. I was really impressed by the sample test. Further i was also very much impressed with the performance graph,which compared with other users. Initially i thought it was not true picture. But my results proved me wrong. they were in fact representative of what i could achieve. I strongly recommend any one appearing for the exam to enrol at mcqbank.co.uk..."
Dr Dinesh Kamath  (PLAB 2013)

“...I would rate MCQ bank on top of all the resources I used..."

Dr J S  (GP ST Entry West Midlands Deanery 2013)

“...I would like to say a big thank you for helping me get through the GP exam. I got my first choice deanery and region, thanks mainly to your courses. I found your stage 2 course especially useful, with a wide range of questions and good feedback. I was short of time, the feedback given with the questions was very informative, yet to the point, giving me the right amount of information I needed to prepare. I would strongly recommend this course to any one wishing to apply for GPVTS. Thanks Again!..."

Dr M A  (GP ST Entry London Deanery 2013)

“...Best wishes and I really found MCQ bank amazingly useful when revising for stage 2 and 3. I would definitely recommend it. Just hope I get through now!..."

Dr A M  (GP ST Entry West Midlands Deanery 2013)

“...I found the site very useful as it allowed me to learn a large volume of information in a relatively short period of time. The answers provided the the right level of detail and explanation and also helped highlight areas of weakness in my knowledge. The opportunity to work through the questions at my own pace initially and then create mock papers was good and allowed me to adjust my revision the nearer I got to the exam. I also felt that the style and level of question related much more closely to the style in the exam that the questions on other revision websites that I had subscribed to. Quite simply I couldn't have got through stage 2 without you! For stage 3 it was useful to see examples of the scenarios and to be able to practice them with colleagues..."

Dr H W  (GP ST Entry Scotland Deanery 2012)

“...I found the site very useful and a true representation of what was faced in the GP assessments. I particularly liked the scenarios for the role play section, it allowed me to practice within a group of my colleagues and the feedback showed us where we went wrong, or indeed right. One of the scenarios on the site was exactly what I faced in my actual assessment..."
Dr E H  (GP ST Entry Northern Deanery 2012)

“...Many thanks for your revision questions which were extremely useful. Although I have yet to know whether I have secured a place, I cannot fault the materials available on your site for efficient and accurate revision. The layout is user-friendly, simple and easy to navigate around. Questions are appropriately challenging and feedback is equally helpful..."

Dr A C  (GP ST Entry Yorkshire & Humber Deanery 2012)
“...I liked the site and the fact that you had real scenarios..."
Dr A S  (GP ST Entry London Deanery 2012)

“…I am much older (and more experienced) than the average F2, so I am both unaccustomed to this type of assessment, and found it difficult in some cases to think at that level. This is where I found your web-site most helpful..."
Dr S B (GP ST Entry South West Peninsula Deanery 2011)

“…The mcqbank subscription was very helpful for stage 2 as well as  stage 3 for my preparation.. my basic preparation revolved around your website and revising it before the exam!! The questions were good and explained beautifully to cover a lot of theory. Really helpful ! ..." 
Dr P A (GP ST Entry West Midlands Deanery 2011)

“…Your web site was excellent for the written prioritisation section..."
Dr S L M (GP ST Entry London Deanery 2011)

“…I have completed my stage 3 exam this week and thanks to your excellent site felt well prepared..."
Dr T C (GP ST Entry London Deanery 2010)

“…I signed up to your site today and have been really impressed by the quality of the questions..."
Dr J M (GP ST Entry London Deanery 2010)

“…I have never learned so much, so efficiently, in so little time. Your questions were spot on...”

Dr S D (GP ST Entry Oxford Deanery 2009)

“…I would like to commend your site on the quality and standard of your MCQs in particular the answers to the questions. I did not have to read any other books as your answers contained all the information I needed...”
Dr V G (GP ST Entry KSS Deanery 2009)
“…I tried to keep MCQbank a secret from my colleagues as I didn’t want them to find out how great a resource your MCQs were in preparing for the GP entry exam!...”
Dr N B (GP ST Entry West Midlands Deanery 2009)

“ …Your professional dilemma questions were the best of any of the revision sites I had visited. I achieved the highest mark in the professional dilemma paper in the country and in no small part this was down to your questions and more importantly the feedback which gave me the foundation for tackling the situational judgement paper with confidence. Thank you...”

Dr M W (GP ST Entry London Deanery 2009) See attached email below (click twice to view larger image):

"...I subscribed to 3 different examination preparation sites and your questions were most similar to my final exam... You guys are the best!..."
Dr J P (GP ST Entry Scotland Deanery 2008)

“…I was very impressed with your site and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others...”
Dr T Y  (GP ST Entry North Western Deanery 2008)