GP ST Stage 2 & 3

Our Joint Package?

A large discount is available if you buy our Stage 2 & 3 packages at the same time. We offer subscriptions ranging from 4, 6 & 12 months to suit your intended period of study. Full price list here.

We would advise preparing for stage 3 (especially the written prioritisation exercises) early rather than leaving it all in the small time period between stage 2 & 3.

Your stage 2 subscription will expire at the same time as your stage 3 subscription - some candidates find it useful having access to clinical material when preparing for stage 3.

There is also the option of adding additional SJTs to our stage 2&3 package (select this option at checkout) again with a large discount in response to candidates who end up buying our additional SJT package in search of more quality SJTs.

Why not equip yourself with, what we believe, are the best tools available for GP entry. After all, it is more than just an exam that you need to "pass", it is in fact a complex job interview where each mark you score may determine where you end up working.