GP Induction & Refresher Scheme (I+R)


The GP Returner scheme is now known nationally as the GP Induction & Refresher Scheme. The purpose of the GP Induction & Refresher Scheme is to help doctors return to NHS general practice who have been out of active practice. The schemes offer a period of up to 6 months funded whole time equivalent supervised general practice in England and Wales.

The schemes also provide an opportunity for GPs from the European Union and international medical graduates with a Certificate Confirming Eligibility for GP Registration (CEGPR) to UK general practice to become inducted in UK general practice.


The assessment process usually includes an interview with the GP I&R lead who will undertake a structured review of your clinical work and training and a validated MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) paper. A specific language assessment may also be used if the doctor is not a native English speaker

The MCQ exam (a clinical and SJT paper) is delivered by computer using Pearson VUE testing centres. The assessments are held 4 times a year and there is a maximum of 4 attempts. More information about the exam including the mark scheme is available here.

MCQ assessment dates - available at locations throughout the UK:
  • 11 & 12 January 2024
  • 22 & 23 February 2024
  • 4 & 5 April 2024
  • 16 & 17 May 2024
  • 27 & 28 June 2024
  • 1 & 2 August 2024
  • 12 & 13 September 2024
  • 7 & 8 November 2024

More information is available here

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